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The RX-66C is a center column for the tripods of the RX series. With this telescope center column the RX tripods can easy adjust height up to 63,5cm over the platform of the tripod.
For ground-level shots, the column can also be used upside down. The stabilization hook also serves as a mounting tool.
The reversible tripod screw for tripod heads or other equipment has a 1/4 "and a 3/8" thread.
Fits: SIRUI R-4213X, 4214X-R, R-5214X, R5214XL

Lightweight 10 layer 100% Carbon Fiber for added strength, increased load capacity and vibration reduction.

Technical info:
2 sections • diameter: 28-32mm • Length: 390mm • Height: 115-635mm • Weight: 500g


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6 year(s)
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RX-66C Center Column
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